Every environment has a personality. The collective body of persons who live, work, play or perform in the environment have their own individual and corporate personalities. The built environment should function as a collaborative partner with the community it serves. There must not be a personality conflict between what the building wants to be and what the occupants want from the building.


As Theater Planners and Lighting Consultants, we imagine environments that serve the needs of the users. Human involvement and interaction is pre-eminent, and should occur without interference from distraction and obstacles. All of the physical, relational, emotional and spiritual senses of the human experience should be supported and allowed to thrive within the realm of structure.



Imagining and envisioning supportive assembly and public spaces is a wonderful and essential element of design. The process must not stop there. Translating imagination and vision into practical, affordable and buildable structures is the next step. We see ourselves as practitioners of construction alchemy... transforming imagination into valuable environments.



PLA Designs is committed to design of practical and creative illumination, technical and environmental systems, supportive of the human experience in assembly, educational, worship, performance, themed and public spaces.


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